Cal Clark, LMT, CPP


 I am a bodyworker with an office located in the arts district o Portland, Maine since August of 2012. I am a holistic massage graduate of Spa Tech Institute in Westbrook, ME from January of 2012. I am also starting to lead guided meditations for mindfulness, lovingkindness, and compassion.

Often clients come to me expressing the goal of destressing or adressing a physical ailment. What results is realizng how idfficult it can be to relax on the table, and that there is tension in the body that is finally brouth to their awarness. I address, using modalities that address the client's individual needs, from more commonly known Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, to gentle techniques like Neuormuscular release and Polarity Realization Therapy.

My own personal journey of finding balance, clarity and emotional healing led to a career path in Massage and Polarity Therapy. It started with a meditation and yoga practice, along with more mainstream therapy. This process along with my background in volunteer work showed me passion for helping others.  It is my innermost desire to share this powerful work and to assist a client in whatever healing they need. A key word is assist, as everybody has the highest inner healer inside. My experience in self healing and self care provides me knowledge and information that accentuates my practice.