About Me

Rejuvenating Massage: My name is Angel Cab'les, Licensed Massage Practitioner. I am a Professional Member and am Insured with AMTA, Washington Chapter.  In 2007, I graduated from Everest College, formerly Ashmead College, in Fife, WA.  As someone who has had many injuries, including car accidents, and several sport related concussions and injuries; I was prone to chronic pain, insomnia and migraines.  I found that getting regular massage and chiropractic care followed with a healthy active lifestyle, my body was able to heal faster and I was able to get back to work quicker.  My overall happiness has increased, and I am now able to better manage my pain in a natural, relaxing way.  My personal recovery was what initially inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a massage practitioner; that I may help others find a natural way to relieve their pain and assist in reaching their personal goals of overall wellness.  I am committed to finding new modalities to incorporate into the massage sessions, to help deliver the best rejuvenating massage experience.  

I am trained in High Touch Jin Shin Jyutsu Inc., Swedish, Relaxation and Wellness, Deep Tissue, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Spa Massage Treatments, as well as Seated Chair Massage. I specialize in helping alleviate your chronic pain and migraines, associated with repetitive stress, trigger points and tension, by focusing on your areas of pain, upper body and neck.  My main focus is to help you achieve your wellness goals and leave your body feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.  I am a firm believer that massage is a great tool to use when maintaining and caring for your body.  I am available for those who prefer in-home massage; as well as, special events, concerts, your next ladies night, and business events. Call and set up your appointment today, and give your body what it deserves.